Join the Fight

11 04 2011

I saw these AGES ago on the wall of someone I knew. I fell in love instantly. Not only are they sci-fi, but Battlestar Galactica to boot and they’re arty. Which allows me to combine my two loves, well two of the many. Anyway, I have the poster below on my wall, a gift from the aforementioned person, but being the geek i am, I need the whole set. You can buy them here. They have so many awesome things on this site, perfect for the classy sci-fi geek in your life. The posters are clever, great quality and I believe true to the look of the show. I love the corner detail, great shout out to the show. The Firefly Blue Sun travel posters are epic too.
So I think these may be my birthday present to myself this year. Then I have to get them framed, but just think how pretty they will look on my walls. Oooh I just spied the BSG dog tags! Uhoh . . . .

One of the posters from the set