Beetroot’s Beat

11 04 2011

So I’m an avid fan of Misfits, the UK series written and created by Howard Overman. But more on that later. The focus of this post is the amazing music used in the series. The themes and orchestral pieces are provided by a London company called Beetroot Music. Quirky name, but the music is anything but. A powerful mix of strings, piano, classic and modern, this music is PERFECT for the series. My favourite pieces are:
Simon and Alisha’s Theme – this is the actual video of Beetroot Music recording the piece.
They’re all dead
These two pieces are amazing. I love watching the scenes with them in the background, but I also love listening to the music independently. So listen to the above pieces or head over to YouTube and type in Beetroot Music Misfits. The tracks themselves are a little hard to track down for downloading, but at least you can enjoy them online.


Jack’s Mannequin

29 10 2009

Currently I can’t stop listening to Bruised by Jack’s Mannequin. I love all of the five songs I have downloaded of theirs. I have other songs by them too, but they’re on mix cds I own. Anyway, Jack’s Mannequin is a piano rock band (according to Wikipedia). I don’t really know what I’d class them as, but I suppose that works. They are most well known for their work on One Tree Hill. Andrew McMahon (lead singer) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia the same year that they released their first album. He has since recovered and now the band is very involved in raising money for cancer. They appeared in an episode of One Tree Hill, Just Watch the Fireworks, where they have a concert to raise money for Breast Cancer and Jack’s Mannequin is one of the acts. An actual cd was produced, Friends with Benefit, with the songs of all the artists who played at the fictional concert. Sales from that cd were also donated to The National Breast Cancer Foundation. It also doubled as the second soundtrack for the show.

Anyway, back to the band. Andrew McMahon was originally from the band Something Corporate, but then he started Jack’s Mannequin as a side project with Bobby “Raw” Anderson, Jonathan ‘Dr. J’ Sullivan and Jay McMillan. They have released two albums, Everything in Transit and The Glass Passenger (currently available at JBHIFI). They’ve also done several EPs which are worth a listen too. After the solo tour of Jack McMahon to support leukemia and promote the release of the “Dear Jack” documentary, the band will be touring with the Fray. They are busy guys, as with most musicians, who make really great music. So look at the music video for “Swim”, their newest single, it’s made with art sent in by their fans. Have a listen. Enjoy.

The Glass Passenger cd cover

Gleefully Gleeful

20 10 2009
Glee poster

Glee poster

At the moment I am working on my Telling Tales project for course. I have trouble drawing unless I’m listening to music, well I have trouble drawing anyway, but the music seems to help. Anyway I’m currently loving Glee. It’s an American tv show, kind of like High School Musical meets the real world. It’s coming here soon, I can’t wait. Anyway back to the point. The music is a cool mix of new music, such as Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan with classic rock from Bon Jovi and REO Speedwagon. The songs are performed either during glee club practises or performances or if a character has something to say. Now I’m a HUGE fan of musicals so this is right up my alley. I recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of singin’ and dancin’. So hit you tube and check out the songs, some of my faves are the boys and girls competition mashups (really clever mix of Bon Jovi and Usher) and also Don’t Stop Believing – their first proper number as the glee club “New Directions.”