Beetroot’s Beat

11 04 2011

So I’m an avid fan of Misfits, the UK series written and created by Howard Overman. But more on that later. The focus of this post is the amazing music used in the series. The themes and orchestral pieces are provided by a London company called Beetroot Music. Quirky name, but the music is anything but. A powerful mix of strings, piano, classic and modern, this music is PERFECT for the series. My favourite pieces are:
Simon and Alisha’s Theme – this is the actual video of Beetroot Music recording the piece.
They’re all dead
These two pieces are amazing. I love watching the scenes with them in the background, but I also love listening to the music independently. So listen to the above pieces or head over to YouTube and type in Beetroot Music Misfits. The tracks themselves are a little hard to track down for downloading, but at least you can enjoy them online.