Armageddon Photos

11 04 2011

Here are some photos of myself and Katee Sackhoff and my sister and Katee Sackhoff from Armageddon 2011. Don’t I look suitably awestruck?!

Me and Katee Sackhoff

My sister and Katee Sackhoff



10 04 2011

Went to Armageddon this weekend and it was AMAZING. I learned a long time ago to put up with being teased for being a sci-fi geek. I love it and I’m proud to be called one. Sci-fi geek is just another term for intelligent, dedicated, fantastic, awesome people who care about great shows and movies.

I attended because the awe inspiring Katee Sackhoff came.
It was too awesome for words, well not really, but i’m still working on that blog post ;). Will post photos etc soon. But here is a taster of me looking suitably fangirlish. Yes I went and had a squee after this photo.

Me and Katee Sackhoff at April Armageddon