10 04 2011

Went to Armageddon this weekend and it was AMAZING. I learned a long time ago to put up with being teased for being a sci-fi geek. I love it and I’m proud to be called one. Sci-fi geek is just another term for intelligent, dedicated, fantastic, awesome people who care about great shows and movies.

I attended because the awe inspiring Katee Sackhoff came.
It was too awesome for words, well not really, but i’m still working on that blog post ;). Will post photos etc soon. But here is a taster of me looking suitably fangirlish. Yes I went and had a squee after this photo.

Me and Katee Sackhoff at April Armageddon


Truly True Blood

10 04 2011

I love, love, love True Blood and I’m so excited about the premiere in July. To keep the fans entertained in the absence of any TB, HBO have released the Waiting Sucks promos. Of course my fave is the Eric one. They have just released the Arlene and Terry one. Check them out

Arlene and Terry

and the HILARIOUS clip of Pam, Hoyt and Jessica here

Oh June is so far away!!!!!

Time to rehydrate

Every Mother Counts

30 11 2010

So here is a little bit of interest for the day. Christy Turlington has made a documentary called No Woman No Cry about prenatal, and post natal care of women around the world. Specifically maternal mortality. Please check it out. Go to the website and have a read, sign the petition and watch the film.

Nanowrimo win

26 11 2010

Although I am too shy to show my Nanowrimo writings to anyone but an automated word counter, I managed it! I somehow made the word target. maybe I will give it a go next year. Until then I will just look at my pretty badge. Yay!

Nanowrimo Winner's Badge

Damon Salvatore, how I love thee, let me count the ways and all things fan girl

12 11 2010

Damon: I just have to say it once, you just need to hear it. I love you, Elena. And it’s because I love you that…I can’t be selfish with you…and why you can’t know this. I don’t deserve you. But my brother does. (kisses her forehead) God, I wish you didn’t have to forget this. But you do.

What a way to start or end, depending on how you look at it. So let me talk today about the relationship between Damon and Elena. I love them. I adore the relationship and sometimes I even think that Elena doesn’t deserve the amount of awesomeness that Damon gives out. This scene with her in the last episode (2×08) was beyond words, the best scene I have ever seen in Vampire Diaries. I thought that nothing could get better than the porch scene at the finale of season 1. The song Bloodstream by Stateless was absolutely perfect for the scene.

However, aside from all the beauty of that scene, it was with Katherine. Who isn’t really even in love with Damon. She wants Stefan. So back to the important part. The scene last night in 2×08 Rose was heartbreaking, amazing, awe inspiring and any other super emotive adjective you want to use. Even though I hate using words like this usually, I can’t help it for this. This scene left me with a whole new level of respect for Damon. He was totally the best and worst man in that moment. To come to Elena and be his usual cocky, Damon self to start and the evolve in front of her and our eyes to declare that he loves her and then to take it all away by compelling her to forget. It is something I truly hope will have repercussions on all the story lines for the rest of the season. Ian Somerhalder has really found this amazing strength playing Damon. I watched him in Young Americans, loved him then, next Lost as Boone. But through all of this he never truly got to push himself the way I feel he has in this. He pushes every edge of Damon to make us love him and hate him, want to hit him and hug him. In my opinion he has delivered every best line and been part of best scenes in Vampire Diaries to date. I am waiting to be proved wrong. Can he really be this great forever? Whether he is sparring with his brother, trying to protect him, giving up on the woman he loved for centuries or making double entendres every time he blinks, he commands every scene. His blinks, gestures, the timbre of his voice, the way he tips his shoulders and don’t even get me started on how expressive his eyes are, all contribute to every facet of Damon. Is it right that he should get EVERY best (in my opinion) moment in the show as he isn’t actually the lead? I think it is, but clearly I am biased. I have a weakness with bad boy characters. But this is a whole new level. To look the woman you love in the eye and tell her you’re about to do the most selfish thing you can and then turn around and then free her from the burden of knowing doubles his. I mean come on; this guy is going to live forever. He will always carry this. It reminds me of that great episode of Angel where he had to reset the day. He got to remember his time with Buffy, what life would be like if he wasn’t a vampire. That’s what Damon has now. The double edged sword of that moment of relief after telling the truth and confessing the burden he had been carrying and then opposing it with knowing she will never know you told her and having to see her with Stefan all the time. Seriously, I am team Delena all the way, hard to have missed I know, but I need that girl to wake up and smell the blood! Wakey wakey Elena. Damon is perfectly imperfect for you.

Oh and the amazing song in the scene is I Was Wrong by Sleeperstar

Starry Sleeperstar

12 11 2010

So I am currently thrashing some music I just got from a band called Sleeperstar. They are from Dallas Texas, made up of Chris Pearson (lead vocals) plays piano, acoustic guitar. Lead guitarist Nick Box, Pianist and background vocals Jake Lester. Shaun Menary (drums) and Brandon Rosas (bass). So of course I love them as they are from Texas and everything sounds better if it’s in or from Texas. Their song I Was Wrong was featured in Vampire Diaries last episode and it was because of this amazing song I had a listen. So go forth and get your ears into this awesome music. Enjoy!!

Flash Mob, Flash Mob

2 11 2010

Check this out! In my favourite month, on Saturday the 13th and Thursday the 18th to Sunday the 21st of Novemeber there are the Crimson Coast’s Flash Mob events. Cool huh?! A crowd of people gather together and do a random piece of something, usually song and dance. Here is the link about it. I’ve always wanted to flash mob. Fun times. Check it out if you’re in Nanaimo.