Armageddon Photos

11 04 2011

Here are some photos of myself and Katee Sackhoff and my sister and Katee Sackhoff from Armageddon 2011. Don’t I look suitably awestruck?!

Me and Katee Sackhoff

My sister and Katee Sackhoff


Smallville squee!!!!

11 04 2011

Okay so thanks to the brilliant KryptonSite for these images. They are promo images from the upcoming episode Booster. So don’t scroll down if you don’t want to be spoiled, but i think you will be able to tell from the first image where this historic moment is heading. Onwards with awesomeness

Clark Kent

Clark Kent in phone booth

The Blur in a phone booth

The Blur + Phone Booth = Squee

Beetroot’s Beat

11 04 2011

So I’m an avid fan of Misfits, the UK series written and created by Howard Overman. But more on that later. The focus of this post is the amazing music used in the series. The themes and orchestral pieces are provided by a London company called Beetroot Music. Quirky name, but the music is anything but. A powerful mix of strings, piano, classic and modern, this music is PERFECT for the series. My favourite pieces are:
Simon and Alisha’s Theme – this is the actual video of Beetroot Music recording the piece.
They’re all dead
These two pieces are amazing. I love watching the scenes with them in the background, but I also love listening to the music independently. So listen to the above pieces or head over to YouTube and type in Beetroot Music Misfits. The tracks themselves are a little hard to track down for downloading, but at least you can enjoy them online.

Join the Fight

11 04 2011

I saw these AGES ago on the wall of someone I knew. I fell in love instantly. Not only are they sci-fi, but Battlestar Galactica to boot and they’re arty. Which allows me to combine my two loves, well two of the many. Anyway, I have the poster below on my wall, a gift from the aforementioned person, but being the geek i am, I need the whole set. You can buy them here. They have so many awesome things on this site, perfect for the classy sci-fi geek in your life. The posters are clever, great quality and I believe true to the look of the show. I love the corner detail, great shout out to the show. The Firefly Blue Sun travel posters are epic too.
So I think these may be my birthday present to myself this year. Then I have to get them framed, but just think how pretty they will look on my walls. Oooh I just spied the BSG dog tags! Uhoh . . . .

One of the posters from the set

Just Say Yes!!

11 04 2011

No, I’m not talking about the Snow Patrol song – though I do love it. I’m talking about the very cool blog Say Yes To Hoboken. There are so many pretty things on this site and awesome DIYs. I am so trying the chocolate butter, yum! so go and check out this site if you like looking at pretty things for craft and DIY inspiration. My next project is going to try the bags (below) not technically DIY, but i’m inspired none the less.

Fabric and Handle bags from Say Yes to Hoboken

Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre

11 04 2011

So this year I am getting involved with the Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre. They are doing three plays this year, For Johnny by Whiti Hereaka, Hearts Encoded by Aaron Alexander and Disorder by Thomas Sainsbury. Have a look here for a brief description of the plays and the playwrights. The Festival runs 21 July to 6 August 2011 at Bats Theatre. So get along, buy tickets, tell your friends. Theatre is good for you 😉

Stanley Cup = Canucks

10 04 2011

So the Canucks have already won the President’s Trophy this year, will they win the Stanley Cup too? Well if all goes to the perfect plan in my head, they will. Not only because the have the fantastic Sedin brothers, but because the whole team has been playing strongly so far. Here’s hoping they keep it up.

Go Canucks Go!!!

The Mighty Orca