1 11 2010

So under the encouragement of a friend who is taking part in Nanowrimo – National Novel Writing Month, I started writing today. Though I am a day behind I hope I can reach the 50,000 word target. You write for the month of November hoping to have written a novel by the end of November at a word count of 50,000. I am not one for writing a novel but I’ve decided to go the route of a short story every day. I think it will be easier and also my ability to get bored easily may be quashed by this technique. I’m kind of nervous about it, which is weird for someone who blogs I know. But I don’t really write on my blog, I ramble. Who knows, maybe my Nanowrimo writing will just be longer rambling with better punctuation and longer words. I guess I will wait and see. So it may not be Tolstoy long or Pulitzer worthy but who knows, something good could come of this. 29 days to go.




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8 12 2010

If you are writing then you are creating. Even if it is rambling, it is creating. Remember, even the most twisting river, if the course is stayed, ends ups at something bigger than its start.

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