29 10 2010

We have reached my favorite time of year, Fall. I love the colors and the food and the having to start dressing a little warmer. But I also love, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is Halloween and unfortunately I’m working but my house has already been decorated with all my Halloween decorations from last year. Sadly though I won’t be able to dress up (maybe I might give it a go) and will have to forgo my favorite horror movies and excessive amounts of candy. Darn – though I’m sure my waistline will thank me later. However on the bright side my boss has suggested stopping at the market near work and picking up some pumpkins for a little jack o lantern carving. Now I just have to think of what to carve. I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I have a stack of Martha fall and Halloween issues at home, so i will have to do a little research before tomorrow. I’m thinking either a traditional face, an owl, a black cat, a bat or I did see these cool ones with “BOO!” carved in them. Though that may be a little out of my skill range, I’m just a novice pumpkin carver. Though if it all goes badly, I guess I will make a pumpkin pie or maybe some pumpkin soup depending on the state of my pantry!

Possibilities for dressing up though could be a little limiting. But i’m sure I can find a costume that still allows me to work. Have a read of this fantastic post by my FAVORITE blogger Possessionista on Halloween Costumes . Since I’m pretty anti any costume that just means you add ‘sexy’ before the title (show some imagination people!), I’m quite in favor of the Rachel costume. I do love my Glee. Though I guess the period costume thing is quite fun too. Though my current project that will have to wait until next Halloween unfortunately is making this dress as a costume for my sis.

So if you could dress as anyone for Halloween who would it be? I think a creative and interesting choice is the way to go.




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