Tom Piotrowski

16 06 2010

Well some of you may say who the?! But let me tell you about who I believe could be the greatest man in Australia. His name is Tom Piotrowski. He is an economist who works for CommSec. Now I normally find sharemarket reports duller than watching paint dry. However I had the honour of hearing this man in action a couple of months ago and I am hooked. He delivers the sharemarket report with panache and there is just something about him that makes him incredibly lovely! I listen to Tom whenever I can and have even googled him so I could know what he looked like when I listened to him on the radio. It seems that Tom, who does the financial report on Network Ten and Nightline on Channel Nine in Australia has quite a cult following (have a look below). I don’t what exactly it is about him, but thousands (this little blogger included) love this man of finance. I’d willingly listen to him all day. Who knew I could like an Australian accent?! If you’re interested in this debonair charmer, please Google him or even better youtube him. I heart Tom!!! A special thanks to Vicki Kerrigan from ABC Darwin Drive for introducing us 😉

Eye Candy!!

Tom Tom!

Tom Piotrowski Sites

Tom Piotrowski Appreciation Site
Tom Piotrowski Fan Club – Piotrowski for Prime Minister!
Tom Piotrowski Wikipedia – a bit small but he got a page!
I Heart Tom Piotrowski – It’s not an obsession, it’s a way of life!




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