Bringing Vampy Back

15 06 2010

As those who care can see by the new header I’m going through a Vampire Diaries stage. Not necessarily a bad thing you might say – even though I swore i wouldn’t like it. How this all came about is B watched some and she told me she really liked it and I was like HAHAHAHAHAHA! I did a LOT of mocking. Anyway B kept insisting that I would like it. I should have realized then as she is usually right on these things (except for the Ghost Whisperer debacle). So we were at a friends house who happened to have nearly the whole season. So we watched the first two eps and that was it. Yes, I’m a sucker (pardon the pun). So a couple of days later i hit youtube and watched as much as I could. I started out as a Stefan and Elena shipper, played by Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev respectively. However now my little shipper heart is all in flux thanks to Damon (yes you can see his influence in the header) played by Ian Somerhalder who I have liked since his Young Americans days. So now I’m not sure which way to go with Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena or Catherine and Damon. The latest ship I was overpoweringly swayed to after this amazing scene.The amazing song used is Bloodstream by Stateless, which hit my ipod minutes after I watched the scene. Something Vampire Diaries has going for it apart from pretty people is the music. It uses well-known music for every episode. Sometimes they use a little much but I applaud the use of Silversun Pickups, Neko Case, Alex Band, Tiesto, Tegan and Sara, Jason Walker, Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Plumb, Within Temptation etc. The episodes are riddled with good music and their timing with songs is great. So yes the story is about vampires, something we might go ho-hum to at the moment. But this series of books that the show is based on was written well before Twilight. The author LJ Smith started writing the series back in 1991. They started out as a trilogy and then he later wrote a spin-off series with Damon as the main character. Here’s the official book site. So the story may be a little predictable and some of the dialogue cheesy etc. But I’m more than willing to look over those things. I enjoy the show and after the season finale I can’t wait for season two. So if like me you like vampires or even are just a little curious after the whole Twilight phenomenon to see who else has done what with vampires, then check out Vampire Diaries. According to TV2 it’s coming sometime this year, so we will just wait and see. And of course I couldn’t finish this post without a little eye-candy to brighten this Wednesday! Enjoy.




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