I wish that I had Jesse!

27 05 2010

No we’re not having a Rick Springfield moment, we’re discussing the character of Jesse St James on Glee. Now as we all know I’m a gleek. I love the show and have been keeping up with the new episodes via everyones favourite youtube. So anyway, Jesse (played by Jonathan Groff) is the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline,and he begins a relationship with Rachel (played by his real life best friend Lea Michele). Anyway, their relationship begins, as all good ones should, with a duet to Hello by Lionel Richie, have a look/listen. So then Jesse leaves Vocal Adrenaline and joins New Directions. Yay!!!So they sing and dance beautifully together in every scene (must be the joy of working with your best friend).However I have a feeling this fabulous relationship won’t last and poor Rachel will have her heart broken. But we will wait and see. So check out this song– it’s from the Madonna episode of Glee and the pics for some thursday afternoon pick me ups!

Rachel Berry and Jesse St James

Jesse St James

Getting his 'Hello' on with Rachel




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