Follow Me

20 05 2010

So a couple of weeks ago I went to see the film Follow Me at the Film Archive. The film is made by Anthill Films. It’s about a group of guys who mountain bike (wow that was the lamest sum up ever!)
Anyway, it’s a great film and I loved it cos they rode near where i used to live and on tracks that i have been on, not like them on a bike though. It has AMAZING shots in it and I loved it. There was also great music. So after all my effusive praise (rightly deserved though) check out the trailer and I have included a pic for some eye candy! If you can check out this fantastic film!!!!

Whistler Mountain Bike Park - Anthill Films (photo by Sterling Lorence)




One response

25 05 2010

A cool film. I posted the trailer for it on a blog that I administer featuring the Whistler Bike Park.

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