Criminally Minded

29 03 2010

So here I am talking about my new favourite show. Some of you may be familiar with Criminal Minds. It’s currently screening here, but we’re only on season four and they are doing double episodes every thursday (that’s why I’m incommunicado). I have been trying to keep up with season 5 but my problem of having no internet makes that rare.

Anyway, as per usual I’m getting ahead of myself. Criminal Minds is about a group of FBI agents who work at the B.A.U, Behavioural Analysis Unit. Each episode, or sometimes over several, they solve crimes related to serial killers. It’s very interesting, but sometimes a bit much for my squeamish eyes! I love the characters and that unlike most shows these days, know that their audience care and want to hear their back stories. The main focus of the show is the profilers but also what life is like for the people who profile some of the sickest people in the world.

So obviously I have a favourite character, it’s Reid. He’s the boy genius of the group (something I can’t relate too) but he’s also got some issues, which stop him just being a flat character. However saying that Reid is my fave is kind of untrue. Due to the fact that I am really interested in ALL the characters and find myself not complaining if the story is centred on another character. Rossi, Hotch, Prentiss, Morgan, JJ, Garcia and Reid all work so well together, as well as seperately and in sub groups. The writing is good, the DP Greg St John is a maestro and they know how to use music to their advantage. All in all it’s a fantastic show. So watch it! If you’re someone like me who’s tired of CSI and their formulaic ways – check this show out, you won’t be dissapointed. And even if you are, don’t tell me!!

Cast of Criminal Minds




2 responses

17 04 2010

I have a comic here with your name on it. Its even signed, even!

19 04 2010

Well hurry up and give it to me then!! 🙂

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