Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

21 10 2009

So my new obsession is Friday Night Lights. Well actually it’s an old obsession, but JBHIFI have just started selling season one. I went down and got my copy last week and it’s all we’ve been watching. My obsession began because Taylor Kitsch (I could do a whole post just on him) – who I think is talented, gorgeous and fabulous, is in it. I’m ashamed to say that’s the shallow reason I started liking it. Anyway B and I have been watching 3-4 episodes a night and I just want to say, eye candy aside this show rocks. I’m not a sporty person at all, I consider bopping around to music or running for the bus my sport of the day, but I’m all about American Football now. The show, created by Peter Berg (who did the movie of the same name) is fantastically acted, written and shot. Actually don’t get me started on how it’s shot, I may gush. Who knew that a story about a small town, Dillon in Texas could be so darn interesting? The town, many of the characters, situations, fans and even game footage are real. Unfortunately season 4 is about to start in the US, but we’re only just getting season 1 on DVD here. Though I guess a story about American Football isn’t so big with a country obsessed with rugby. I may have to resort to amazon to get my fix when this season runs out, or I will just start at the beginning and watch it again. I recommend this series to anyone who feels like watching a quality show in all this crapola on TV. Unfortunately the show never attracted huge audiences and its first season of 20 something episodes was reduced by the 2nd season and the third season was only 13 episodes. However NBC (though it has now moved to the 101 Network) has commissioned a season 4 and 5 comprising of 13 episodes. I’m not a fan of it being reduced, I want more not less, but I am kinda a fan of 13 episode season (something I’ll get into later).

Back to the point of how awesome this show is. Like another of my favourites, Battlestar Galactica it won a Peabody Award. B and I watched an episode last night, which focused around Matt Saracen. His father came home from Iraq and everything didn’t work out the way Matt had envisioned. It was truly moving and kudos to Zach Gilford for doing such an amazing job. So you must watch this show, it’s just fantastic! So keep the lights on and check out Friday Night Lights.

Season 3 poster

Season 3 poster




2 responses

23 10 2009

Hello rosey cheeks! I hope youre good for our post showdown this Tues.

29 10 2009

Ok. Im just waiting to get some work back, THEN Ill be posting it up. Lets imagine youre in the same situation.

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