Gleefully Gleeful

20 10 2009
Glee poster

Glee poster

At the moment I am working on my Telling Tales project for course. I have trouble drawing unless I’m listening to music, well I have trouble drawing anyway, but the music seems to help. Anyway I’m currently loving Glee. It’s an American tv show, kind of like High School Musical meets the real world. It’s coming here soon, I can’t wait. Anyway back to the point. The music is a cool mix of new music, such as Beyonce and Jazmine Sullivan with classic rock from Bon Jovi and REO Speedwagon. The songs are performed either during glee club practises or performances or if a character has something to say. Now I’m a HUGE fan of musicals so this is right up my alley. I recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of singin’ and dancin’. So hit you tube and check out the songs, some of my faves are the boys and girls competition mashups (really clever mix of Bon Jovi and Usher) and also Don’t Stop Believing – their first proper number as the glee club “New Directions.”




One response

20 10 2009

I’m Gleefully Glee too!
Though I think my current fave is probably ‘Take A Bow’
Now get back to work!

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