1969 – let’s get to work!

18 06 2009

Lian has asked us to revisit 1969. The task was to ask someone who worked in 1969 what their average workday was. So I asked my Dad what his average workday was like in 1969. He worked as manager for a sales company. Here it is.

He would get to work and have a meeting with his bosses. Then he would start his work for the day. There were no computers or faxes, so any communication was via the telephone or through the internal mail system. Any of his typing was done for him by one of the secretaries on a typewriter. It was then checked and any changes had to be made with correction tape or it had to be re-typed. He then went and met with vendors and had meetings with bosses in the afternoon. He said that there were a lot more bosses in one department back in 1969 compared with today. After the meetings and making a list for the next day, he finished work and headed home.

So how does this differ from your work day? I certainly don’t have anyone typing my stuff for me. This blog is 100% Lisa 🙂




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