More Glossary – You just can’t get enough

27 05 2009

So today we’re adding more to our glossary. The terms we need to know today are:

.ASPX -This file extension belongs to a web application framework which was created by Microsoft, called Microsoft ASP.NET. It allows web programmers to build websites using ASP.NET code. So what can it do? ASP stands for Active Server Pages. ASP files are the same as HTML files, they both can contain text, images, HTML code and scripts. However ASP differs from HTML because when a browser requests an HTML file, it then returns it. However when a browser requests an ASP file, IIS (Internet Information Services) passes the request to an ASP engine. The engine then reads the file, line by line and then executes the scripts in the file. The engine then send the information back to the browser as HTML. So why would you want to use it? Because you can really customise your webpage with it. Here are some of the things that you can do:
-Edit, change or add any content of a webpage
-Respond to questions sent in by users on a NTML form
-Customise a webpage to make it more useful for individual users
-Provides additional security, since the ASP code cannot be read in the browser

.PHP – This stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is the widely used, free alternative to Microsoft’s ASP. PHP is open source software, which we have already learned about. The same as ASP, PHP files contain, text, scripts and HTML, they also get returned to the browser as HTML. So why choose this over ASP? Apart from the fact it is open source software, PHP is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix etc and also compatible with most servers. It is also easy to learn and runs efficiently.

There we go. More to learn, read up.




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