Searching- How does colour effect it?

21 05 2009

Lian has posed us the question of: ”if you used the google search engine to find a webpage, if the links were always blue, Would this bother you?”

Now as most of you avid Internet users know, when you come across a link that you have already visited, it’s purple. This lets you know that you have already clicked it. Fresh links you haven’t touched are always blue. So would it bother me if the links stayed blue? Yes. That’s the short answer. I like knowing where I’ve been on the Internet. If I’m searching for information, I don’t want to have to visit the same web-page twice unless I want to. Also if I like a web-page and forgot to favourite it, then I can go back and check back through the pages that are highlighted in purple and hopefully find it. So really I don’t mind if it’s purple, green or yellow, as long as it’s a different coloured link, I like it.




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