Access Key

21 05 2009

So let’s start this entry with a little definition and then move onto talking about it.
Accesskey– This attribute allows users to navigate around a web-page using the keyboard.Different web-browsers have different access keys. Some of the most common are:
Internet Explorer – Alt + (key link, specified by web-page) + Enter
Firefox – Alt + Shift + key link
Safari – Control + Option
There are recommended access keys by the Governments of countries, but a lot of web-pages use their own. So have a look at the navigation page.

Personally I think that website accessibility is very important and relevant. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post I’m all about equality. I like to think that everyone, irrespective of race or ability can use the Internet in the same way I can (though probably better than me, since I’m not so skilled). Some close friends of mine are deaf, I know now how they have special programs on their computers to use the Internet where part of the site is audio. They also use the Internet as their telephone so they can communicate by signing to each other.Today there are so many people using the Internet, it would be negligent to not give evryone the same level of access. So if you’re making a website and you don’t know anything about making you website accessible, then hit the Internet and read up. Allowing everyone to use the Internet to the same level through access keys, screen readers and other programs that promote accessibility really does make the web world wide.




2 responses

7 06 2009

Sound like ‘ol James James Jean is coming to NZ.

8 06 2009
Lisa Fraser-Clark

Really?! That would be so cool. I’ve found another shop that’s selling James Jean prints in wellington and they have his postcard book

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