Glossary – the more you read the more you know

20 05 2009

Here are some more words for that all important glossary. I think I may have a couple of double-ups. So if you’ve learned this already from my glossary, get ready for the pop quiz!

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol – This is the way that inter-linked resources are retrieved over the World Wide Web
Head – This is the tag that contains all the information that is not going to be displayed on the web-page. This can include scripts, links to style sheets and contain meta information like keywords.
Body – Inside this tag is where you put all the information that is going to be displayed on your web-page. Your links, text and images are all put in this section.
DOCTYPE -Document Type Declaration. This isn’t an HTML tag. It’s actually a declaration, hence the name. It should be the first thing in your web-page, even before your HTML tag. This is because it’s an instruction to the web-browser, telling what version of markup language that the page is written in. by telling the browser this, the web-page can be displayed correctly.
WWW – World Wide Web. This is what most of us call the Internet. But it’s actually all the inter-linked hypertext that you access via the Internet.
Domain Name -The name given to your webapge. It’s not the whole URL, which we already know about. It’s just this part “”




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