Go Glossary Go!

13 05 2009

So here are some more terms that Lian has asked us to add to our glossary.

Blockquote – This is used on your web-page when you are quoting or referencing a large section of text from another source, such as a webpage, journal, book etc. It is used if you are putting a long quotation on your web-page.

Anchor – This is a tag which is used very often on a web-page. It is the “a” tag at the beginning or sometimes the end of a hyperlink.The
“a” tag defines an anchor. You can use it to link to another document by adding the href attribute. Or you can add a bookmark by putting in a name attribute.

Definition List – The “dl” tag defines a definition list. The “dl” tag is used with the “dt” tag, for items in the list. Also the “dd” tag is used. This describes the item in the list. So the “dl” tag starts the list. The “dt” tag is for the word or whatever you are giving a definition to and the “dd” tag is for the actual meaning of that word etc.

Div – This is a tag that defines a section on your webpage. It’s often used to format groups of information in a certain style. The tag is also used to seperate your web-page into sections. This tag is very important for when you are working with CSS as it is used for styling your web-page.




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