Being Indexed- what you need

6 05 2009

Lian asked us to find out how I can help a search engine index my web page. Now I want my site to be indexed by a search engine because that way when people search for my website, either on purpose or not, I want them to find my site. So how do I get my site indexed by a search engine? Well it’s made up of a few factors. Firstly when making up my website, I need a few things.

Meta tags– this is information inserted into the header of your website.This information cannot be seen by people browsing your web-page, but it can be seen by search engines. So meta tags tell the web browser what your site is about. You can put the title of your website, keywords relating to your website and even information that may not be on your actual displayed web-page, but that pertains to what your website is about.

Title tags – these are also a good way of letting people know what your site is about. Whatever title you put in the Title tag is what comes up to the viewer. It is very important for the creator of a website to use the title to identify the contents of your page.The title should be descriptive so users know exactly what they are getting on your web-page. The title ideally shouldn’t be more than 64 characters long and contain the primary words of what your website is about.

Both Meta tags and Title tags go in the head portion of your website.

Here are some links so you can read a bit more about meta tags (the different kinds) and title tags too. Feel informed!

How To Use Meta Tags
Title and Meta Tags




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