Internet Security

6 05 2009

Lian has given us the topic to talk about what security precautions we should take when using the web. Now I have to admit that even though I don’t know a lot about how things like firewalls and other Internet security things work, I still use them because they are on my computer. When using the Internet, I’m overly cautious at looking at web pages and downloading things. Going on the Internet is always a risk, with identity theft, viruses and rogue cookies. So let’s go on a quest and find out about Internet security together.
So there are basic ways to protect yourself on the Internet, having passwords and backing up your files.
Obviously those things can only do so much, so getting anti-virus software like Norton or AVG will protect you from:
Trojan Horses-programs that pretend to be one thing, but are actually another and snoop around in your private data. They are hard to detect on your computer.
Worms-programs which replicate themselves over a computer network and then they damage your files. As a result they have the ability to affect other programs on your computer.
Viruses-programs which are able to log into the personal files on your computer and infect them. This can end up with all of your files being removed. It can have serious side effects on your computer’s system.

It’s also a good idea to have some form of anti-spy-ware. This helps protect you from spy-ware, which takes information from your computer and relays it to a third party and also ad-warewhich automatically displays advertisements. Some ad-ware contains types of spy-ware and other privacy invasive software.

As web criminals get smarter, it is also a good idea to be aware of what browser you are using. As a very large number of Internet users use Internet Explorer to browse, hackers are now writing viruses and other malicious software to exploit Internet Explorer. So It is recommended to try other browsers as well, such as Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

Another thing to know when it comes to Internet security is firewalls-a part of a computer system that blocks unauthorised access to your computer, but still lets you communicate over the Internet.It is also a way of encrypting of decrypting information over the Internet.

Don’t forget to just be sensible. Don’t give out personal information over the Internet, don’t forget to back up your files and make sure that you have up-to-date anti-virus software on your computer. Don’t open suspicious looking emails from people you don’t know and make sure that your email has a good filter on it. Don’t download files or open pages that your anti-virus software marks as suspicious. And make sure you keep your self aware of the threats out there. Be vigilant, but don’t be extreme.

So I would like to think that I do all these things when surfing the net. But now I feel more informed about what I need to do to keep myself safe on the Internet. I hope you do too. Check out the links below for further reading.

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