What your Internet can do for you

30 04 2009

Here is the second of my catch up entries on my blog. Today’s entry is really a wishlist by little ol’ me. Lian has posed the topic of, what can the Internet do for you now and what would I like it to be able to do?

So here is a list of all the things (that I know of) that the Internet can let you do:

  • Blog (haha)
  • Facebook, Myspace, Twitter
  • Share information (file, pictures, media)
  • Shop (clothes, groceries etc)
  • Order movies for your home
  • Buy books, cds and dvds
  • Research
  • Watch TV and Movies
  • Look at your house from outer space (check this out Google Earth )
  • Look at adult interests
  • Learn new skills (thank you ehow)
  • Stalk your favourite celebrities ( I am not speaking from experience)
  • Check out fansites on your favourite celebrities (this I have done)
  • YOU TUBE ( I heart you)
  • Try out what you would look like with a new hairstyle or outfit
  • Play games
  • Chat with people on the other side of the world
  • Book flights and plan travel
  • Pay bills
  • Do your banking
  • Enter competitions
  • Find and apply for jobs
  • Get recipes, sewing patterns and virtually any information you want on topics that interests you.
  • Read books
  • Search library catalogues
  • Download software

Now onto things I wish the Internet could do ( though I am pretty happy with it now)

  • Download faster, yes Telecom broadband I’m talking to you
  • take you on real time tours of museums ( I don’t know when I’m going to make it to the Louvre)
  • read books for free
  • have smell-e-vision (so I can watch Rachel Ray and know what she means when she says “this smells great!”
  • be able to make stuff online and then have it sent to my home. Like jewellery (maybe you can already do this, I don’t know)
  • have international shipping at affordable prices ( be New Zealand friendly Amazon!)
  • go to classes virtually ( Just so I can stay in my pyjamas)
  • have better online translators (an online french translator that comprehends syntax would rock my socks!)

Well that’s all I can think of right now, but I may come back and add to it. If you can think of something that you would like the Internet to do that it doesn’t. Let me know.




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