New Zealand’s next CSS Box Model

29 04 2009

Lian has given us a mini research topic to find out all there is to know on a CSS Box Model. So after finding all the facts, I need to report back here. So I’m going to do my best to explain this, but I will include a couple of links in case words fail me.

To display a page on the web everything is in a layered box, made up of the margin, border,padding, background colour or image and content. Now they all lay one on top of another. The margin comes first and is always transparent. Next comes the border, they come in lots of different styles. Padding can also be included in the border. The margin, border and padding all used for sizes and position on the page. After this comes your background and content.The main box on your page can then contain any number of boxes in side it and they will all have the same components as your main box, just set at different settings and sizes. Even when content appears in a circle it is still inside a box.

Have a look at these links if you want some more information:
Red Melon
Web Design

Read up and feel knowledgeable.




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