G to the l,o,s,s,a,r,y

29 04 2009

Hi everyone, I’m back with another episode of glossary entries. Lian gave these to us on Monday, but with a re-jig of the timetable, we now write our blog entries on a Thursday. So that’s the hot blogging day here! Check out this entry to learn a little something new.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) – GIFs use flat solid colours, limited to 256 colours. Because of this they are really great for images with solid blocks of colour like logos, but not for colour photographs. They are a bit-mapped file format (where the image is made up of tiny rows of blocks or dots, each containing information.In this case colour.)GIFs can also used for little animations too.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) -This file format is named after the original group who came up with the idea. JPEGs are the most commonly used form of compression for photographs. It is sometimes written as JPG. JPEG is a lossy form of compression. That means everytime you save the image it throws away part of it. So the quality of your image diminishes. So avoid repetitively saving your JPEGs. You want your image to remain as uncompressed as possible to retain the best possible quality.

PNG(Portable Network Graphic)- This is a new format for saving images. It is also a bit-mapped image format, but it is a lossless data compression. It was created to help replace GIFs and it is patent and liscence free. Because it is so new, not all Internet browsers support it yet. PNG was designed to be used with web images so it uses RGB colour palettes.It is not able to be used with CMYK.

There we go, some more definitions for you to learn and be wise.




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