Fixed, Fluid, Flash display

7 04 2009

Lian has asked us today to check out the different ways that a page is displayed in a window. So there are 3 main ways. I will include with each of them a pretty link so you know what I’m talking about.

Fixed – This is the form of display which doesn’t move with the window when you increase or decrease its size. Have a look at the La Cloche website

Fluid– This is the kind of display that adjusts with your window size and always makes the information fit the window size. Have a look at the Alliance Francaise Wellington’s website

Flash– Now for a Flash navigation. This is has animated displays, integrated videos and interactivity on the website. Little windows pop up and you have rolling images to name some of the features. Take a look at one of my favorite websites that uses Flash, Roots Canada’s website.

So there we go. Have a look next time you’re on a site and see what kind of display you’re getting.




3 responses

14 04 2009

Hey, just dropping by. Good to see your busy. On holidays yet?

15 04 2009

Hey, found your blog after looking at Cory’s. How are the twins these days then? It’s been a while.

Your blog seems a little unloved so I thought i’d be nice to it and leave a comment. Now you have two… so don’t say I don’t do anything nice will you.


29 04 2009

Hey Iain,

Yeah, not a lot of love on this blog! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 I’ve been up to course as you can see from my scintillating entries. I’m back at course mow, so expect to see more entries from this little blogger! Hope all is good with you.

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