Glossary take 2

6 04 2009

Here are some more words to increase your lingo. So read on.

Splash Page – This is that page that comes up when you enter a site, that you then have to click to actually enter the site. It adds another unecessary step for users. Why not just go straight to the page?

Banner Add – This is that add we have all seen across or down the side of a page you are viewing. It flashes and advertises products you may or may not want. You click on the add to take you to the site selling the product.

Data Encryption – There are 2 main types of data encryption, Masking: when information is masked so it appears differently and anyone looking at it will not see the real information. Veiling:veiled messages are not masked at ll. They are just combined with other items of information so that the message takes on a different form. 

Key-based encryption is now the main form of encryption used. Basically it’s a cipher ( a way of encrypting information) that is based upon an algorithm. A key determines how plaintext becomes ciphertext. Without the key you can’t view the encrypted information. Data encryption is used most often for E-commerce, buying and selling over the web. Data encryption can ensure authenticationof each party and protect important information such as credit card and bank account numbers. It prevents anyone from tampering with the information. E-commerce uses 2 specific kinds of key encryption, private-key and public-key. With private-key-encrption, users share a key only between themselves. Public-key encryption is when users have a different key for both encryption and decryption.

The most common way of trying to break an encryption is through a brute force attack where you try different keys to try and break the code. Kind of like trying different combinations to guess someone’s PIN number.

SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) – We usually use HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to send and receive information over the internet without encrypting it. With SHTTP, the server and browser encrypt the information. This is usually used for shopping online and also for online banking. Really anything where the information from both the server and browser need to be secure.


So read up and feel informed!




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