Cookie – not the eating kind

6 04 2009

Today Lian has given us the topic of finding out about cookies. Sadly not the kind I like to bake, but the web browser kind.

So what are cookies exactly and what do they do? Firstly a cookie is a little message sent by a Web Server to a Web Browser. The browser stores up this message as  a text file and everytime you go back to the page the message is sent back to the server by your browser.

The main use of  cookies is to identify a repeat user and if possible, customise the web page the web page for them. They are also used on shopping sites, to set preferences for customers. It can also store passwords and other settings for users. Cookies don’t directly hurt your computer but if you pick up a trojan cookie, that can rewrite all your cookies and you can lose passwords and other preferences. Also if you don’t want to be remembered, then you can delete the cookies from your temporary internet folder.




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