Making a website (html)

15 03 2009

Today we had another lesson on html. This was our third lesson on it and we went over how to put in links and use a style sheet. I found doing the links again today really helped. So much so that I came back here and edited one of my posts by adding 4 links. And this time when I did it, I actually understood about closing it and where to place the words that I wanted the viewer to see in the link. So I also added a link to my practise website to come to my blog. So the written greatness could be viewed.
We also looked at style sheets today. That means how to make your website look like more than just a grocery list. You can add colour to words and headers (among other things). I didn’t get a chance to use it on my practise website because we learnt it at the end of the lesson. However Lian showed us on her website on the projector so we got to see the colours in action. With a striking and original colour combination of red and yellow, it’s something I would like to try on mine. Maybe I can give it a go tomorrow.
So far I have been enjoying learning html. I did a little bit when I was in high school and made a very simple website about Ice Hockey. But getting to do it in class here and really learning why you’re putting things in certain places has been cool. I liked putting my html through the validator and having it tell me if I had made any mistakes. Thankfully for this first-timer it came back with a green tick. I look forward to doing more of this and maybe someday soon I can practise more of my linking and put one up here for my very first website. Stay tuned šŸ™‚




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