Websites (heart and hate)

8 03 2009

Today’s little discussion will be about two websites that I like and why and two that I dislike. So to start on a positive note, here are the websites I like: – This is a fan-site for the television show Gossip Girl. I like this site because it has a cool, basic set up design. With the navigation bar along the top it is easy to find what you are looking for. Easy navigation is a big plus for me as I hate getting lost while browsing. The main content of the site is displayed down the middle of the page, with nice sized headings so you can see clearly what each update is about. It also has just enough graphics to keep it interesting, without being overloading. With extra links down the right hand side for external links, they are a good size as not to distract from the main content of the site, but still big enough to read in case you want to use them. Also with only a few  little advertisements on the page, I feel  I can enjoy the content of the website and not all the advertising that usually comes up on a lot of sites these days.

Another site I like is: This website is one I use very often. I like it because it’s layout is not confusing. With a medium sized header at the top of the page and a navigation bar below that, it has a clear homepage to navigate from. I also like that the design is simple and no matter which page you navigate to, you can always see where you want to go next with handy links down the left hand side and the top navigation bar always being displayed. I like that the color scheme is basic and that none of the advertisements in the middle of their home page are too obtrusive or unnecessary. It also has quick links down the bottom of every page, which also helps with navigation as bank websites can be confusing. Thankfully this one isn’t, yay ASB! I also like the thoughtful option of changing the language of the website. If I could speak Maori, Samoan, Tongan or an Asian language, I’m sure I would find it useful.


Now for those sites that i am not so enamoured with: -This site has a deceptive homepage. With navigation links on the top, bottom and both sides of the home page you would think that even an idiot could navigate this site. However this site is a nightmare to find your way around or get any information out of. Having to use this website to get assessment results from, or any informartion to using NCEA is an exercise in futility. The site seems to have good and bad days. Bad days being the norm, with pages not loading,  information content being missing, usually your marks, exactly when you need them. Also whatever you do, do not contact the help desk. They seem as confused on how to use the site as you are. Not good since you are ringing them for help. Also on a superficial level, it’s ugly. Since the majority of people using this site are teenagers, then maybe the site should look a lot less stuffy and more up-to-date. With washed out pastel colors and navigation bars that lead you into a maze, NZQA should go back to school and get a lesson on basic website design. ‘Cos this gets a “NA” from me.

The next site I am not so keen on is Now I really like the Disney Channel, I don’t mind admitting it, but their website is not at all enjoyable. It has giant advertisements all over it, which firstly I don’t like because this website is obviously geared to little kids and advertising shouldn’t be shoved in their faces and also because the big kids (like myself) aren’t coming to this site to look at giant advertisements. Now it has quite a cool looking homepage, but there is just too much happening.  With pictures from every show coming up as soon as you open the page, a moving slideshow and too many links everywhere it just makes it difficult to use. Thankfully it has the schedule on the left hand side now, which is a nice change from when it was in a tiny little font whizzing along under the header. Now I like the header of the site, because it shows all my favourite characters from Disney Channel as links and if they had this plus just one other navigation bar it would be a lot better. But with something on nearly every available bit of space, it feels crammed in and rushed. Maybe I’m just the wrong target market and young kids like to be bombarded from all sides while surfing the Internet. However 10% of the users of this website would be parents trying to become savvy on Hannah Montana and High School Musical, so poor them. Maybe we just need a five year old to be our guide?




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10 03 2009

I concur.

10 03 2009
Cory <- not rant related, but made me chortle.

15 03 2009
Simon Sweetman

Really awesome to finally see your blog in action. Keep writing and expressing your opinions, they’re are great to hear. Keep having fun at your course!

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