Colin’s Lecture

1 03 2009

This morning in class we had a very interesting lecture from Colin Phillips. He used to work with Lian and he currently works for Base Two. He came to speak to us about the history of the Web and his views on it.

Originally I thought having to listen to a talk on the history of the Web would be a turgid experience, filled with techno-speak I wouldn’t understand. However Colin gave a lecture, that may have had some techno-speak, but also filled with explanations, diagrams, humour and interesting facts. Adding to this with his comments of frustration at the Internet connection here, it certainly made for an interesting morning. As the You Tube links didn’t work here, I would like to check them out sometime. As he chose (well from what he told us) relevant videos that would help us understand his main points, as well as give us computer geeks some entertainment.

There is still a lot I don’t know about the Web, Internet etc, but I do feel that this morning helped to give me some basic points of knowledge. I just hope that there isn’t a pop quiz on it tomorrow, as all the intricacies were a little lost on me. However it certainly opened a door to me, showing how many layers something I take for granted is made up of. I look forward to learning a lot more and being able to techno-speak with the rest of them in time 🙂




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