Woody – the little man with the big job

25 02 2009

Yesterday we did a lot of drawing in class, mainly focused around Woody. For those of you not in the know, Woody is a little wooden man, which us artists or those that wish they were try and draw. So we met Woody for the first time a couple of art lessons ago. Before this i had not done any drawings of this charming little model. Now i have pages filled with Woody trying out different poses and moods. With everyone in class styling Woody differently each time, we get a nice variety of poses. I feel that my Woody drawings have come a long way from the first lesson. One i did yesterday of Woody, all shaded and (hopefully) in proportion made me feel like i really had learned something. I took it home to show my sister and felt rather proud of my rendering of this little man. So i know we will be doing lots more drawings of Woody and i look forward to trying new styles, poses and practsing my shading. Bring it on 🙂




2 responses

26 02 2009

Go Lisa, go!

15 03 2009
Simon Sweetman

Go Woody! He is the little man that can. Good to see the drawings of him that show him exploring a life outside the classroom. Maybe he needs some more adventures for the future?

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