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23 02 2009

Today in class Lian posed us this question:

“Should the Internet be censored and if so by whom?”


Well I’m of two minds on this. Half of me thinks yes and the other half no.

To be on the pro side of this debate, I think that there are a lot of things out on the Internet that should be censored. With pirated movies and music and television  available to everyone, it cripples the respective industries. However it’s free and who doesn’t like free stuff? And when you can go on the Internet and download the newest blockbusters in an hour instead of paying for popcorn, tickets and having someone kick your seat and talk through the best bits, why not? Well morally you shouldn’t because it doesn’t help the companies, bands, actors etc with their work being put out there for free.Then we come to people putting questionable videos and pictures on the Internet. With recent scandals of suicide sites and videos of rape, I believe there should be a filter on content that can be put out to the world. Personally I’m not a fan of porn and generally questionable things on the Internet. I use my Internet for information and entertainment. But there are people out there who deem this as “entertainment” – in a reality tv kind of way.

Now coming to the part of me who doesn’t think the Internet should be censored. Like most people I enjoy the boon of the torrent and You Tube age. I have music on my computer that has been downloaded. Adding to the problem is the blaring advertising on nearly every site and search engine you visit, “free MP3s” here and “Watch Tv for Free” there. It is nearly impossible to avoid, so are the sites who have these ads just adding to the problem? Its a confusing position, because on the one hand Internet companies cry foul over illegal downloads but then they advertise it at every other turn. It’s just one big tangle.

 For me when it comes to downloading even though I know it is morally wrong, I do it anyway. So I suppose that make me a hypocrite. I love to go on You Tube and watch my favorite shows split into ten minute parts. It is part of the modern Internet culture. My generation has been raised knowing that we can type something into a search engine and come up with free movies, music, games and tv. So how can we stop it now? Is it to late to reverse the mindset of a generation?And with bands and even some television shows embracing this culture by placing their music and shows up for everyone, it seems if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So even though I’m part of the problem I would like to find a way to at the very least filter Internet content while still maintaining the perks we get now. This is probably impossible, but a girl can dream right? I don’t think there is a clear right and wrong with this. Some people use torrents responsibly, downloading games purely for their own enjoyment. But then there are those who use illegal downloads to profit, which is essentially stealing. So the Internet blurs the black and white lines because the whole idea of the Internet is information for everyone, so when it comes to if it’s legal or not, that’s when the problems begin and there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut way to fix the problem.

When it comes to who should do this censoring I can’t decide. Some would be too harsh and others too lenient. Finding the perfect balance would be difficult and indeed hard to maintain. With billions of people using the Internet everyday, anyone who was censoring would need to be vigilant but not overzealous, as not to spoil the Internet for those who do use it responsibly. So it comes down to the old question of do we punish the many for the sins of the few or do we just leave it be?




3 responses

23 02 2009

Looking at your blog i feel like such a minimalist now looking at your blog,
but i like your point about torrents’s and the downloading of MP3’s

23 02 2009

I agree with you Lisa!

I think that people who profit from things should be the ones who are prosectued instead of people who don’t use it to profit from it. Downloading things isn’t exactly free I mean we’re paying people for our Internet so why should we be prosecuted at all T^T

It’s just a confusing cycle but your point is clear and I totally agree ^^

25 02 2009

I agree with you, and I wonder why our little country has to be the first to attempt this massive step in censoreship… I mean don’t we have enough problems e.g
A recession!! GOD!…

If anybody was going to try to censore the internet it would be somebody like AMERICA they would have the people & experience and the know-how to make a fair and resonable law that did as you say penalise those who downloaded for profit and still allowed responsible users to download for personal pleasure….

Choice Blog gives you alot to mull over….

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